Patrick Martinez

Artist Visit August 6, 2020

The diverse terrains of Los Angeles inform much of Patrick Martinez’s practice, as the artist relates to us. Martinez is heavily influenced by the historical and contemporary landscapes of South Central Los Angeles and Boyle Heights—particularly neon signage from “mom-and-pop” stores. During this visit, the artist shows us his most current work inspired by Pee Chee folders, a staple school folder often imprinted with useful information such as measurement units. True to Martinez’s socially and culturally-informed practice, the artist produced art prints of this piece in the form of a folder, including his original drawings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd and are distributed at rallies, protests, and demonstrations with relevant applicable information printed inside.

Artist Visit July 30, 2020
Collector Visit July 30, 2020
Artist Visit July 21, 2020